Vizsla Hobby Breeder

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A “Hobby” breeder is a breeder who breeds the occasional litter of puppies to continue their show/working lines. A hobby is an activity that people choose to do.

When a ‘hobby’ breeder rears a litter they do it for love and not to make a profit. “Hobby Breeder” means a person who keeps more than three registered dogs, plans to breed, produces up to five litters per year and breeds only when a litter will enhance the vitality of the breed.

Training a Vizsla is Not so Easy

Vizsla in-training
history of Vizsla breeder

A Rich Family History Breeding Dogs

Born in Hungary, owner Irene Balla has family history and experience in breeding various types of dogs. She is now exclusively ‘in love’ with Hungarian Vizslas. Click/tap image to learn more about us.

Learn about the Vizsla breed

Special Qualities of a Vizsla

Excels in the field as game pointer and retriever. Medium sized, distinguished and very aristocratic looking dog. Reach their full potential when allowed to live as true family members. Click/tap image to read more about the history and characteristics of the Vizsla breed.

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