Vizsla puppy birthday

Hello Irene

We are the family who adopted one of Norma and Rooster’s pups who we named Ginger. As our beautiful baby just turned 1, we wanted to send you this picture and thank you again for giving us the opportunity to have this wonderful dog in our lives

She is amazing and has brought so much joy to our lives!!!!

Ginger and I just started agility classes on her birthday, and for her first time, the trainer could not believe her skills.

Thank you again

From A September 2014 email from Andrew Courson

Hello Irene,

Hope all is well, I just thought you might like an update, we have been having a great time with our Vizsla, Bailey. She is such a loving family dog, Bailey has really fit in as a member of our family. It’s amazing how she can wrestle with my 4 year old son one minute and when my 15 month old daughter walks by and wants to play the next minute, Bailey is so gentle with her, she just bathes her in kisses. Thanks for a great dog.

From a September 2014 email:

Hi Irene,

Mr Riley is doing wonderful!!! He is a VERY happy little puppy.

I might have a couple that are interested in this breed as well and getting a new puppy and we recommended you and your dogs. Just to give them an idea, when are your girls planning on breeding again? Lucy and Drum were the parents of Riley… I will send them your email and they can be in contact with you.

Thanks. I hope everything is going well with you


Vizsla puppy in Saskatoon, MARCUS

Hi Irene,

I will keep you posted on the Marcus’ progress. He gets the best food, Purina’s puppy food and also the food we cook/ make for him (the best, with about 25% meat with buckwheat, potato or rice, home-made soups, and vegetables and fruits. He still likes milk so we give him some as well.). His coat is very soft and shiny (as per your advice, he gets cod liver oil).

Our vet told us the vizsla breeder did a good job breeding our puppy; all we need to ensure to keep him healthy and be careful on putting too much too soon on his growing bone plates. To protect the growing plates on his bones, he mostly runs/ walks on the grass (until three- four weeks ago, on snow banks) or on a carpet in our house. We also do short walks on the asphalt, to start getting used to it.

We will keep in touch,

2013 November 6. Marcus the vizsla puppy

Hi Irene:

I am recovering from a major surgery (Marcus would be a great therapy dog; he is being loving, caring and gentle with me, cuddling with me during the day and night. It looks like he has matured the day I came back from a hospital) and have being reviewing the pictures of Marcus. Here is a better picture of him with the better justice of his conformation (don’t you agree, he is one great looking Vizsla?)

Although, after Marcus’ great successes at his very first conformation show and field trial test, we needed to put his competitions on hold (until after my recovery), my husband is working with Marcus on obedience and obedience rally skills. Marcus loves learning new things so much, I think he is able to compete in obedience competition. People on streets are commenting on how polite our puppy is and his rally-O class instructor says that Marcus shows such a great willingness to work/ attention to my husband who is handling him.

It is snowing now and Marcus is back to being a puppy chasing snow flakes and running in the backyard. Marcus first tracked the pheasant and hold the point. The shooter fired the gun, wounded the pheasant when it was already on the other side of the lake. The pheasant landed on the water and swam out of it (hunters never heard of a swimming pheasant before). However, the pheasant did not fool Marcus. He tracked and pointed again. When we arrived, the wounded pheasant was on the run, so Marcus caught him and brought back to us. Everyone said, Marcus had a soft mouth as the bird was still kicking in his mouth. Hour was very gentle packing the wings of the bird into a nice package when the bird tried to kick gun with its wings. Marcus, however, insisted on carrying the bird himself to show off to other dogs. It took sometime to get it back. We still have work to do about the retrieving part.
Vizsla hunting

May 20.2014 News from Oksana and Marcus

Good evening Irene:

More good news about Marcus. He and I just came back from our first ever CKC Field Trial and Field Tests. I was so proud of my boy successfully completing every event he was entered in, placing forth in the Open Puppy Field Trial (there were many good experienced dogs competing at various highest levels, so it was an honor for my boy to be placed in this event) and completing two legs towards his Field Dog Junior title!

My fearless “energizer bunny” hunting machine was able to impress experienced judges and I have received many good comments from them. In the Open Puppy Field Trial, he first run and searched for birds like it was no tomorrow, then swam a half of the lake after a bird, but swimming did not slow him down a bit and he continued his run and search for birds and then immediately was ready to run another course. It was his first time ever being close to horses (judges were using horses to follow the dogs and handlers) and working in a brace with another dog, but he could not care less about either horses or another dog which he was seen for the first time in his life. All he wanted was to find birds out there in the field.

In the next day he was entered in the Field Dog Junior Test and once again my boy worked very hard, he found and pointed every planted for him bird and then others left from previous runs. Although while chasing a bird, he run through the barbwire, getting several cuts, and flipped over his head, this did not slow him down even a single bit. Although he was bleeding, he continued his search and pointed two more birds. The next day he was ready to run again and “cleaned the field” according to judges.

My boy has now got his first field scars! Luckily, the cuts were not deep enough to damage the underlying tissues or bones.

Attached is the picture of Marcus holding the point during one of the tests. Test scores in each category are perfect or nearly perfect, but we were loosing points in the “control” category. All was going great, he was following me in the field, constantly checking with me, but at the end he would want to continue hunting refusing to stop.

June 5. 2013

Good morning Irene,

Rexie is doing very well. She is a natural hunter…she points on all birds…and shows interest and intent on all animals in the bush.

John has not taken her hunting yet…for now her natural ability and desire is directed by her for fun…we have 20 acres for her to roam. We spend a lot of time outdoors together.

She also loves to fetch and perform agility activities…I just bought her a new agility course with poles, tunnel and high jump.

We think she is the best dog…we love her very much…she is very spoiled!!

Hope you are well. Talk soon.


Hi Irene,

Our puppy, Ollie is doing great! We love him. He is growing so fast and everyone comments on how beautiful of a dog he is.

We have taken him to puppy training and we will be starting our second set of training in September. He is learning very fast. We have taken him to the beach and he is getting to like the water better and better all the time. We also have a small pool set up for him in our backyard.

I have attached some photos that we took of him at the beach. We’re hoping to drop by with Ollie sometime over the summer to visit so you can see him.

Thanks again for letting us have such a wonderful dog.

Love Russ and Sherry Curry

Hi Irene,

Just thought I’d let you know that Lulu and I met a lady from Hungary today on our walk and she complemented me on my beautiful Vizsla, she said that Lulu had an amazing face, and great body! She asked me where I’d got her from and when I mentioned your kennel she said you had a very good reputation for breeding beautiful dogs! Thought you’d like to know!


Good afternoon Irene,

I hope all is well. I just wanted to give you an update on Venus. She has made her first week with us very special and memorable. Cathy and I are both amazed how quickly she has picked up on things and how easy she has been to work with. Within this first week, Venus has learned to go to the window for potty, use her crate, sit, come, and even to stay! Every once and a while she likes to use her chew toys as practice pigeons, as she loves to creep up and point to them.

Venus is doing incredibly well, and loves the attention she gets by all the visitors this last few days. We owe these socialization skills to you, as you truly prepared this pup for the real world with your natural approach to rising dogs.

Thanks again and we will update you on all of her future achievements and success.

Gino & Cathy Traverso

Hello, my name is Joanne McCleary.

I have been in the sport of dogs for over 40 years. I bred and raised Dobermans and Shepherds. My last shepherd was retired from the obedience ring undefeated. I also am a retired vet tech, animal control officer and have been training dogs for many, many years. I worked for the aspca in Manhattan, NY as a behavioral consultant and specialize in hard to handle dogs. I have seen it all.

Shannon Hastings came to visit my daughter this weekend and brought Bogie, a beautiful pup she purchased from you. I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with you as a Vizsla breeder. Not only is this an outstanding representation of the breed, but his temperment is outstanding. Shannon wanted him to be “socialized.” I have four dogs of my own (weimeraner pug, jack russell and min pin.) I also have cats, birds, guinea pigs, and rabbits. While curious, he does not back down, is totally social and just loves everyone. He was totally safe with my foster kittens. Shannon and her Husband Rich, run and swim this pup miles each day. It shows. He is fully muscled. What a pleasure to have such a wonderful pup at my home.

Vizsla breeder testimonial

Being a breeder, I know how much it means to hear that you have done well. Shannon wants to bring him here to me some weekends so that I can work with him. I have an agility course and teach puppy kindergarten for the Warrenton Kennel Club here in Warrenton, VA. I cant wait to work with him.

I hope this makes your day. Congratulations on a wonderful breeding.

Joanne McCleary Jeffersonton, VA

Updated on Tesla:

I have not spoken to you in a while so I just wanted to let you know how Tesla is doing.

She is a wonderful dog and is very healthy. She gets lots of time to run every morning. The most exciting thing is that she is being trained as a service dog. She is so smart and easy to train, that she is whizzing through her training. She already has public access (for training purposes) and is a few months away from being a fully certified service dog. When she is finished training, she will accompany me everywhere to help mitigate a disability that I have. She is being trained to act as a guide dog because this is something that I need her to do on occasion. She also knows lots of other tasks that help me to live a more normal life. Don’t worry, she also gets lots of time to play and have fun.

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