Vizsla Testing for Field/Hunting Ability

Here is a report from one of our Vizsla Villa puppy owner’s regarding a versatile hunting dog evaluation.

Hi Irene:

We have more good news for you. Today, on his 7-months birthday day, Marcus took the HAE VHDF test to test his field/hunting natural ability. There were two local judges and one judge from USA.

I believe Marcus could be making a history of Vizsla breed here, being the very first Vizsla taking and passing the VHDF test. I can’t believe, I once again myself was handling him in this test. I must say my role was not difficult at all. All I needed to do was to take the leash off and let Marcus and the Mature Nature to do their job.

In the HAE test, there were three parts of the test, one was a field work (search for wild and planted birds), tracking (a live running pheasant), and water (swimming) test.

Marcus did exceptionally well and got the highest score of the day – 69 out of 70 points. He got perfect ’10’ score in each nose, search, tracking, desire, and cooperation. He got an extra point (11 in total) for pointing; his pointing was excellent plus he also pointed at running pheasant. He got ‘8’ for water part as I had to through a bumper to make him swimming after it (ideally, for a perfect ’10’ score, the judges want to see a dog swimming with no birds or bumpers being thrown in the water, just for the love of swimming.)

The judges told me if Marcus was taking a NAVHDA test today, it would be a Prize 1, that is how well Marcus did. We are so proud of Marcus!

I just wanted to share these great news with you,


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