The Hunting Vizsla

Hunting Vizsla Pictures

View our collection of pictures of Vizslas doing what comes natural to them…with a bit of proper training.


The hunter Vizsla temperament

hunter vizsla
Nobody said training a vizsla for hunting was easy!


Sire:Csardas III.,Indigo Flash /US/
Dam: Ch. Bonneterre Stoney Dragon FDJ, NAVHDA

Csardas Sire:DC/AFC Riverbend Deacon’s Dandy CD, VC
Csardas Dam: Csardas Sparkless A-Plenty

Csardas Indigo Flash’s pedigree keeps 11 Hall Of Flame Vizslas

Venus built up her body – ready to go for FDX !

Vizsla breed hunting


The Vizsla is a Universal Hunter

I just came from moose hunt. Zarko was phenomenal retrieving the grouse , he even let me know when the moose or bear were close with a low growl. Thank you again for the wonderful puppy.

I got a lot of compliments from the trainer. He is almost as good as a retriever he said 9 out of 10, and you got lots of praise for the quality of breeding. He said Zarko is the best Vizsla he ever trained and better than the most German short hair he trained in his carrier 27 years and counting. I am so proud of him especially after the moose hunt , I trained him obedience and he responds only to hand signals.Best regards

Dr Stelica Nicola DMD
Small game hunting with Vizslamoose hunting with Vizsla
Sire: Ch.Vizslavilla’s Aporka FDJ, NAVHDA III.
Dam: Ch.Vizslavilla’s Rhett Butler FDJ

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